Getting your Business onto Google Street View is a non-intrusive and straight forward activity but we have prepared answers to a few regular questions. As a Google Street View trusted partner we will support you every step along the way.

Are you a trusted Google Street View partner?

Yes, we are :-) Google Street View trusted partner

Do you have an Example?

Please click here to see the Nelson Glass Design shop Flame Daisy on Street View: Example, more Virtual Tours are listed on our main website: Relive 360 Main Website

What is the process and how much will it cost?

Every business is different, a small coffee shop may only need three locations scanned, a Restaurant may want to show five or more. We will meet with you to discuss the best option and will email you a free quote. Once you have decided that you want to go ahead we will arrange a date and time with you to scan your business. The remaining work is done in our office.

What do I need to prepare?

As with any other photoshoot it pays off to have the premises cleaned and tidy. You may also want to have a look at your decoration or any unwanted items. Apart from that you just need to let us in and inform your staff. We are able to work while your business is open, but will arrange a time with you that is usually quiet. Any visible face of people or personal identification IDs (like license numbers) will be blurred to comply with the Street View rules.

How long will it take?

This depends on the size of your business and also if we need to work around customers and staff. In general, a standard shoot is completed in under 1 hour.

How can people see my Virtual Tour?

We upload and generate the Virtual Tour for you on Google Street View. The tour can be accessed in many ways: It will be accessible from your Google Business record, the Google Search and of course from Google Maps and Street View. It can also be embedded straight into your website and Facebook page, much like a video. Street View imagery is compatible with nearly every device, iPhones, Android, tablets, laptops, PCs.

Click the 3 ‘dots’ on the top left hand side of your 360 Tour and choose the ‘share or embed image option. Click the tab ‘Share Link’ and tick the ‘short URL’ check box. Copy the link for emailing or for a post on Facebook.

What about the image rights?

Up until final payment we possess the rights to all images. Once we have created the Virtual Tour on Street View we will transfer the rights to your Google Business Account. Just note that you license us to work with your images and Google to host and display your images.

What is a Google Business Account?

If you don’t have one already we will help you getting one, they are really great and free. With this account, you can tell Google more about you and combined with a Street View tour they become your key feature for top search ranking results, especially for local searches.

Can you make changes to my Virtual tour?

We can reshoot and replace or remove imagery at your request.

Which areas in New Zealand do you cover?

We are based in Nelson but travel everywhere in New Zealand.

That’s a lot of promises you make, do you have any data to back this up?

We sure do, Google has done extensive research and there are great case studies available. NZ Business News, Case Study, Oxera Study, Google’s Summary

What is your business structure?

We currently have 3 staff working for Relive360. Together they cover skills and expertise in technology, photography and creativity. We are engaged with our local community and support other emerging technology businesses. We are a member of the Nelson Chamber of Commerce and have a $2 million General Liability insurance to protect you from any issues.

Privacy Policy

You can download our privacy policy here

In case you haven’t found the answer for your question please feel free to contact us and will be happy to help you.